Aoraki/ Mount Cook in New Zealand – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Are you looking for the most adventurous trekking and expedition destination in the world? Definitely, Mount Cook (Aoraki in Maori) will be the best fit for you. It is the most striking and dramatic place you will ever visit in New Zealand. This is a place best known for its fantastic hiking opportunities that reward its viewers with amazing sights and suitable for people of all ages. Mt Cook is the highest in the country yet the easiest to access.

The Uniqueness of Aoraki

In case you are out for adventure and grandeur then Mount Cook can be the best place to visit. It is a heavenly beauty. It’s spectacular surrounding the area of lowlands with flower fields and greenery base which provide amity, tranquillity, peace, and solitude for anyone touring this mountain. Actually years back it was declared the world’s most stunning Heritage Park. It is well renowned for its clear and starry nights.


Aoraki is graced with snow-coated peaks, tussock lands; glaciers and unbelievable blue lakes at are so fascinating. The landscape surrounding it is a pretty special place for taking a leisurely stroll. The Mountain View provides the mind blowing scenery. This makes this mountain the most impressive and serene scenes in New Zealand

Traveling options around Aoraki

Traveling around this distinctive cloud topped mountain is such a fascinating experience any visitor will have. Well, but there is normally snow up here, even in summer, so make sure you are well prepared.

When you wish to travel around Aoraki you can either drive or hike. Of course, hiking can be tough or technical. You can as well boat ride whereby you will ride among the drifting ice bergs. Usually, boat riding is a very exhilarating experience.  Flying is another option especially if you got some money. Definitely, this will be the best way to explore the awesome landscape. Flying will leave you close to the valley walls and mountain, so you will really enjoy the spectacular views from near the top of these enormous peaks. It is quite stunning!!

The best sites to visit in Aoraki

In case you are after a chance to relax and unwind, Lake Tekapo which will leave you covered especially with its aqua blue waters and wind flowers blooming around the shores.

Secondly, the church of the good shepherd is amazing scenery. This man-made architecture is perched on the shores of the stunning Lake Tekapo and surrounded by the snow-capped mountains covered by an incredible starry sky. It for sure forms the best and ideal spot to take a photograph.

The best time to visit Mount Cook is November of course, especially if you wish to see those Mount Cook lilies blossoming.

When all is said and done, whether you are new to adventure travel, or you have never traveled to such a place before, after such a trip in Aoraki, you will find yourself arriving home positively different than when you left. The very experienced, professional and amazing guides around will have provided you with unrivaled levels of local information to ensure you get the expected pleasure and satisfaction out of your trip.