Traveling Destination – Mount Fuji in Japan

Japan’s highest mountain (3776 meters), located in west Tokyo on the Honshu island, Mount Fuji is the focal point of the wonderful Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. You can clearly see the view of this mountain on a clear sunny day in Tokyo, surrounded by five lakes. The main characteristic of this mountain that is considered as a national symbol is the symmetrically shaped volcano. If you appreciate the unique natural beauty and you consider yourself as an adventurer you should certainly not miss traveling to Mount Fuji at least once in your life. You will be amazed for sure.

picture of mount fuji

How to get there?

Before you travel to Fuji you need to research about Fiji and your transport options from Tokyo. Look up what seasons are perfect for exploring Fiji, the routes, and schedules that are the easiest and most practical option.

You should know that before and after the official climbing season, your options for traveling and climbing are minimized. The official climbing season starts in July and ends in August. But every Fuji season has its own beauties worth seeing. Choosing any season will be perfect for a real adventure.  

The most practical option to get there from Tokyo is by taking the Keio express bus that takes maximum 2 and half hours but will take you at the start of the climbing trail. The other options are by plane, by train or by car but these options will either not give you direct access to Fuji or are highly expensive. Also as a traveler, you can consider the option of a tour guide, that way visiting Fuji is planned ahead but you will pay expensive additional costs. Try it as a true traveler; experiencing every detail of Fuji is better if the whole travel is planned by yourself, under your conditions.

japan's mount fuji

What can you see on Mount Fuji?

When on Fuji, the only thing you can do is climb and explore. Depending on the area you choose and season you travel, you can see different and significant natural beauty. Every part of the mountain has their special symbol for admiring.

The most known area is the area known as Fuji 5 lakes. The lakes are named:  Kawaguchiko, Yamanakako, Saiko, Shojiko, and Motosuko. Choosing winter, you can see this part with a clear view, quiet and cold beauty snowfall with the lake’s temperature varying depending on the lake. In spring, the weather allows good view but snow stills appear in some parts. Summer is the luckiest season for exploring Fiji. In autumn depending on the weather conditions you can still catch good views.

Every of the 5 lakes has significant views and characteristic. Some of the lakes are less approachable and distant and some of them are easy to get to. But every of the lakes are worth seeing if you really appreciate this kind of unique beauty. The landscapes are breathtaking; you will wish to stay there longer and will make to come back again to explore every detail of the mountain