The Himalayas, Trip of a Lifetime

Do you enjoy luxury accommodation, relaxation, and recreation during your vacations in a place with the renowned historical connection? If your answer is yes, then the Himalayas will definitely offer you a perfect combination. This place is charming in a unique way. It is actually one of the best places to visit on earth. It fascinates every visitor. It is best known for its historical, religious and geographical significance.

this is a picture of the himalayas peal

Location of the Himalayas.

The Himalayas is found on the northern border of India and it spreads across six Asian countries which are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Kanchenjunga.  

A Perfect Holiday Destination.

If you love nature and you have not visited the Himalayas then you will be surprised when you reach there. Being the most beautiful and yet youngest mountain ranges in the whole world. Formed as the continental plates moved together, it caused these mountains to push up and they continue to grow over time. This is why they are “pointier” type mountains.

Himalayas are also known for a wide diversity of wildlife of bugs and animals. I never understood the diversity until I was having a discussion with someone who was taking care of some bugs at my home. He explained to me that since there is so much new surface area to the Himalayas, there are rapidly evolving insects and animals filling in each new opening niche. Shoutout to the guys who helped with my pest control. Learned a lot about animal diversity and the different ways animals evolve based on their environment from our conversation.

The Himalayan foothills are inhabited by very friendly and hospitable families with a culture and lifestyle that is very rich and diverse. They always welcome trekkers with big smiles.

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