Climbing Huayna Picchu – The Best View of Beautiful Machu Picchu

Everyone has a different taste in different aspects of life. Same is the case with tourism. There are few who love to for a deep water dive, while others may be afraid of water. Many people love hiking, but some may have height phobias. Therefore, while planning a vacation, people choose the places they would enjoy comfortably.


Huayna Picchu is a mountain of a height of about 2,693 meters above sea level, located in Peru in the Cusco Region, Machu Picchu District of Urubamba Province. The Urubamba River bends around this mountain. The mountain rises above the famous Machu Picchu, also known by the name of the Lost City of Incas. While visiting Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu is one of the best parts. Climb up the mountain to enjoy the incredible sight of the countryside. It gives you clear and magnificent scenes of the area. The mountains are one of the best sites for hikers. Apparently, from far, the mountain looks like an impossible task to climb it without necessary expert tools. But the reality is not that. Though at some point it requires you to use your both hands and feet, it can be climbed even by a person having average fitness level.

this is an image of the Huayna Picchu

The Trail

While moving towards the top, you have to go through a tunnel built in this path by Incas. It served as a choking point for any invaders. The tunnel is a hard point to get through as it is very small. Even at some points, you will need to crawl on your hands and knees. It becomes more dangerous in the rainy season. Water crawls down from the walls of the cave, making the ground slippery as well. As you go up, you start recognizing different structures built by the Incas on the mountain. These are magnificent sites. Some of them are built on such points that one can only imagine doing so. Some are even almost glued to the mountain walls.

this is a picture of the Huayna Picchu

Another adventurous travel spot during the climb is the so called “Death Stairs” near its summit. The stairs are not as dangerous as its name but are also not a piece of cake. At some points, it gives dangerous loops without any railing to hold. A small wrong step can cause a never-ending fall for you.

The lower trail leads down to the Gran Caverna and the famous temple of Moon. However, the upper trail is more dangerous and challenging compared to the lower trail, which is not so risky.

Visiting Season

The best time to travel and visit Huayna Picchu is from May to September when the season is dry. The climbing conditions are better and more suitable in the dry season. Between the months of November to April, it is more dangerous to go up there, as the rain has made the paths more slippery.